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 Advocate for Children in Care


If you're a child or young person in the care of the Department for Child Protection and Family Support, then Judy Garsed, Advocate for Children in Care, is here especially for you.

Judy can help you have your say and get heard. She can help you with problems or complaints you can't sort out with your case worker, and she can make sure you have a say in decisions that affect your life. She will:

  • listen to children and young people, help them say what they want to say and help get adults to listen
  • give information & advice about what children and young people are entitled to, and how they should be treated
  • support children & young people if they want to have a decision reviewed or complain about things they believe are wrong  
  • speak to people in authority about what young people tell her works or doesn't work in their lives.

If you're a relative, friend, carer or professional involved with a child or young person in care, please let them know about this service. 

The Department for Child Protection and Family Support wants to protect and promote the interests of children and young people in care, and the Advocate for Children in Care has been created especially to focus on them, their views and their concerns.  
You can contact Judy by telephoning 1800 460 696 (free call), or 0429 086 508 (mobile), or (08) 9222 2518, or you can email her at judith.garsed@communities.wa.gov.au.


 Charter of rights for children and young people in care:


 Zero to six years                      Seven to twelve years                 Thirteen to eighteen years 


Publications for children in care
0 - 12 years - My book about being in care
13 - 18 years - All about being in care

Get heard flyer
Get heard zip card
Get heard poster

Charter of rights for children and young people in care 
Outlines your rights as a child in care.
For ages 0 to 6
For ages 7 to 12
For ages 13 to 18

Information for staff

Advocate for Children in Care Service and Protocols 2015

Signposts website
A guide for children and young people in care from 1920.

Complaint Management Policy for Children and Young People.pdf 


  Become a Foster Carer
You won't always see where they go. But you can help them get there. Become a foster carer. 1800 024 453
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