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 Types of foster care

Types of foster Care

General Foster Care 

Telephone: 1800 182 178 
Email: fostering@cpfs.wa.gov.au

  • The Department provides care for children from birth to 18 years, for emergency, respite, short, medium and long term care. 
  •  Fostering and Adoption Services recruits, assesses, trains and supports foster carers across the State. 

Respite Program

Telephone: 1800 182 178
Email: fostering@cpfs.wa.gov.au

  • Respite Carers look after children for short periods of time to give their full time carers a break. 
  • They look after children in their own home for a few hours, a weekend or a few weeks.  
  • They undertake the same training, assessment and approval process as general foster carers. 
  • Respite care fact sheet.
  • Respite foster care for adoption applicants fact sheet.

Permanent foster care:

Telephone: 1800 182 178
Email: fostering@cpfs.wa.gov.au

  • There is a strong, ongoing need for carers who can provide a permanent home for children not able to return to their parents or live with other family members.
  • Long term foster care may lead to a Special Guardianship Order or a Carer Adoption - both provide a child with a permanent home.
  • To become a long term, permanent foster carer, you need to apply and be assessed by the Department..

Pre-Adoptive Foster Care

Telephone: (08) 9222 2555
Email: adoptions@cpfs.wa.gov.au

  • Mainly for newborn babies while the birth parents are considering long-term care options. 
  • The period of care ranges from a few days to several months.  
  • You need to have had experience caring for a newborn baby, and the main caregiver cannot be in paid employment. 

Non Government Agencies

If you would like to foster through a non government agency, contact them directly. You can still attend a departmental information session. You will still need to go through the same kind of assessment process.

Anglicare WA
Phone: (08) 9263 2070
Email: fosteringfuturestaff@anglicarewa.org.au
Web: www.anglicarewa.org.au
Care for children from 0-17.

Uniting Care West
Phone: 1300 663 298 (free call)
Email: futures@unitingcarewest.org.au
Web: www.unitingcarewest.org.au
Long-term placements for children with disabilities aged 0 to 12 years.

Key Assets (state-wide)
Phone: (08) 9431 9300
Email: info@keyassetswa.com.au
Web: www.keyassets.com.au
Wide range of services for children aged 0 to 18, including specialised care.

Life Without Barriers (state-wide)
Phone: (08) 9208 3400
Email: info@lwb.org.au
Web: www.lwb.org.au
Wide range of services for children aged 0 to 18, including placements for children with disabilities and in crisis.

Mercy Family & Community Services
Phone: (08) 9442 3444
Email: fosteringservices@mercycare.com.au
Web: www.mercycare.com.au
Medium to long-term care for children aged 0 to 17.

Parkerville Children & Youth Care
Phone: (08) 9295 4400
Email: admin@parkerville.org.au
Web: www.parkerville.org.au
Medium to long-term care for children aged 0 to 18.

Wanslea Family Services
Phone: (08) 9245 2441
Email: support@wanslea.asn.au
Web: www.wanslea.asn.au
Wide range of services, including emergency, respite and medium-long term care, for young people aged 0 to 12 years. Also provides an intensive program for children requiring specialised care.

Yorganop Association Inc.
Phone: (08) 9321 9090
Email: admin@yorganop.org.au
Web: www.yorganop.org.au
An Aboriginal agency providing a wide range of services, including emergency, respite and medium-long term care for Aboriginal children aged 0 to 17 years.

Foster Care Association of WA
Phone: (08) 9384 5577 or 1800 641 911 (free call)
Facsimile: (08) 9383 2289
Email: admin@fcawa.com.au
Web: www.fcawa.com.au
Represents and supports foster carers.

  Become a Foster Carer
You won't always see where they go. But you can help them get there. Become a foster carer. 1800 024 453
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