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 Family and Domestic Violence Consumer Consultation Project

Family and Domestic Violence Consumer Consultation Project

The Ministerial Advisory Council on Child Protection (the Council) has commenced a family and domestic violence consumer consultation project. The aim of this project is to gain greater insight into women and children’s experience of family and domestic violence and the service system response.

The information gathered during this project will be used to inform the way in which the Western Australian (WA) service system responds to incidents of family and domestic violence, including police, child protection and the courts.

It is anticipated that this project will be completed by the end of 2016. A copy of the final report documenting the project findings will be provided to the Minister for Child Protection.

The Council is seeking written submissions from women who have experienced family and domestic violence. Specifically, the Council is seeking further insight in relation to the following consultation questions.

Submissions can be sent to the council at MACCP@cpfs.wa.gov.au



Women’s experience of the service response (What works well now?)

  1. Can you please talk about the types of services or social networks (police, courts, child protection, family, friends, neighbours) that were a changing point/pivotal in your attempts to seek safety from your violent ex-partner and/or family members? 

    Why do you think they were effective? Can you tell me in what ways?

  2. How did you go about looking for the assistance?
    a. Where else had you gone for help and was it is useful?

    Women’s experience of the violence, including barriers they experienced in accessing services

  3. Please tell speak about any barriers you experienced in accessing services?

    Which services were they?

    What types of response did you receive?

    Had you sought help previously? If so, how many times?

    What barriers were there in your attempts to seek help and/or leave a violent partner, ex-partner or family member/s?

    Did you have any safety concerns for your children or children in your care, when attempting to flee the violence or after leaving?

    Was your partner/ex-partner abusive to the children as well as to you?

    How do you think the behaviour of [your partner/ex-partner/children’s father] might have impacted on your child/ren, if at all?

    Can you think of times you didn’t continue to seek help and why??


    What would help make your experience more supportive?

  4. Please talk about when you decided to look for/get help in relation to the violence you were experiencing?

    a. What would have enhanced your experience of accessing support for you and/or your children?
    b. How was that experience - with both informal/formal help?
    c. Who or what informed your decisions to seek help at these particular times in your life?

    Is there anything else you would like to share that isn’t included in the questions above?








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