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Reviewing and strengthening the Western Australian response to homelessness: the way forward

The Department for Child Protection and Family Support is organising homelessness forums on Reviewing and strengthening the Western Australian response to homelessness: the way forward. These forums are being held in country regions and across the Perth metropolitan area between early July and September 2016.

These forums will provide an opportunity for service providers and key stakeholders to be part of planning the future of homelessness service provision. The information collated from the forums will lay the foundation for the preparation of future workshops for developing service models for the homelessness sector. Forums are open to government agencies, non-government organisations, private sector and any other organisation that works within the homelessness sector.

To register your interest to attend this forum, please email Suma Govindan at Suma.Govindan@cpfs.wa.gov.au stating your name, organisation, contact details and region you are interested in as soon as possible.


Specialist Homelessness Services Standards Guides

SHS Service Standards Guide – The complete Guide

SHS Service Standards Guide – Section 1: The Standards

SHS Service Standards Guide – Section 2: Evidence Guide

SHS Service Standards Guide – Section 3: Agency Assessment Guide



Homelessness Factsheets

Fact Sheet 1 Understanding Homelessness

Fact Sheet 2 Homelessness Numbers in Western Australia

Fact Sheet 3 Role of State Government in Homelessness

Fact Sheet 4 FDV Accommodation



Homelessness Services

For more information about funded homelessness services, or to locate homelessness services, please see the following pages:
Services by type
Services by location 


Homelessness Documents


  Opening doors to address homelessness 
  Western Australia Homelessness State Plan 2010-2013.






Volume 25 Issue 9
December 2012.
Responding to Homelessness in Western Australia



Homelessness Publications

The National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness Evaluation of Western Australian Programs

The Boxes in the Jungle - A Review of Inner City Homeless Services in Perth and Fremantle


If you have any questions regarding Homelessness, please email Homelessness@cpfs.wa.gov.au

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