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 Out of Home Care Reform


The Questions and Answers for Out of Home Care reform are currently under review and will be reposted soon.
Please email Strategyandreform@cpfs.wa.gov.au if you have any questions regarding Out of Home Care reform.
  Reform News

The Out-of-Home Care system in Western Australia is undergoing a period of reform

On 19 July 2016, the Department for Child Protection and Family Support presented the future service system design to over 100 members of the community services sector. The presentation provided an overview of the services that the Department will seek to procure from the community services sector in the future out-of-home care system, as well as the process of refining service specifications and outcome measures.

The following documents were provided to attendees.

Presentation - service system design
- 19 July 2016

Service system design (community services sector and Department) - mud map

Stakeholder Engagement and Procurement Calendar(updated November 2016)

Needs Assessment Tool (NAT) and
Care Arrangement Support Costs (CASC) - Questions and Answers

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