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 Children and Young People Complaints

Are you safe?

If you are in danger, call the police on 000.

If you are safe, but need to talk to someone...

  • after 5 pm or the weekend, call Crisis Care – they are there to help you - (08) 9223 1111 or 1800 199 008 (country free call).
  • during business hours, call the Complaints Unit on 9222 2594 or 1800 013 311  (country free call). 

What is a complaint?

Making a complaint is a way to tell us you are unhappy or worried about something we have done, and you want it fixed or explained to you. You can make a complaint about anything; we want to help. The complaints team will always make sure your rights are respected and your views heard. If we can’t change something for you, we can tell you how to get the problem looked at again.  

Make a complaint

You can talk to us about your complaint and the ways to fix the problem.

  • By phone: (08) 9222 2594 or country free call 1800 013 311 Mon – Friday or leave a message and we can call you back.
  • Online:  We will call you when we receive your complaint.
  • In person: Call to make an appointment or drop in to any Communities office. We can find a time that suits you.
  • By mail : You can download the form and post it [POSTAL ADDRESS]
  • Contact the Advocate for Children in Care 

What will happen?

We will talk with you and decide together the best way to have your complaint fixed, who will work on your complaint and how long it will take.

Who can help?

You can ask anyone you trust to complain for you or help you to complain.
[Link Support people – FAQ 2 link ]
Advocate for children in Care 
Interpreter service 
Kids Help Line

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