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 Emergency Services

Disaster and Emergency Support Services

The Department's Role in Emergency Management

Under the Western Australian emergency management arrangements, the Department  of Communities is responsible for coordinating the provision of welfare support services to people affected by an emergency or disaster.

If you have been affected by a disaster and require assistance, please ring the Disaster Response Hotline:

1800 032 965

email emergencyservices@communities.wa.gov.au  


Register. Find. Reunite

If you have ever been evacuated or affected by disaster and would like to register you and your family, or if you would like to enquire about a family member or friend who has been affected, you can do this online at https://register.redcross.org.au/ or in person at an evacuation welfare centre.

Types of emergency services coordinated by the Department are:

Emergency Accommodation:
Ranging from short term emergency shelter (eg. evacuation centre) to medium term overnight accommodation.

Emergency Catering:
Provision of meals for those rendered homeless, evacuees and welfare workers in welfare evacuation centres or assistance to help people purchase food.

Emergency Clothing and Personal Requisites:
For example, toiletries and pharmaceuticals.

Personal Support Services:
Including practical assistance, emotional support, information, referral, advocacy, counselling, childcare and psychological services.

Registration and Reunification:
Of persons evacuated or affected by the disaster; providing a means for people to locate family members and reunite. The Department uses Register.Find.Reunite. for this purpose assisted by the Australian Red Cross.

Register.Find.Reunite may be available for online registration.

The Department and Red Cross staff are trained and available to complete registrations on site at an emergency shelter or accommodation facility.

Financial Assistance:
May be available to those affected by emergencies who are assessed as eligible and in need.

Includes emergency assistance for immediate essential items and emergency accommodation assistance. Other categories of assistance that may be available are replacement of essential household goods and minor repairs to primary residences.

State Welfare Emergency Committee (SWEC)

The State Government has empowered the Department to coordinate a welfare response if there is a disaster.

The Department has arrangements with other agencies including Australian Red Cross, Salvation Army, Adventist Development and Relief Agency, St John Ambulance, Country Women’s Association, Department of Human Services, Department of Education, Volunteering WA, Department of Health, Youthcare and others who form the State Welfare Emergency Committee (SWEC) to assist in service provision as part of a coordinated response. 

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