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 Support for those involved in adoption


The Department for Child Protection's professional staff at Adoption Services can help you with information, support and counselling related to the adoption of a child.  We also encourage you to make contact with the following organisations; it can be a great way to meet other people in similar circumstances to you. Through these organisations, you can benefit from the experience and skills of others and hear how other people have managed the adoption process.

Adoption Research & Counselling Services Inc (ARCS)

301 Railway Parade (Corner of Sussex St)
Maylands, Western Australia 6051
PO Box 593
Maylands, Western Australia 6931
Telephone: (08) 9370 4914
Facsimile: (08) 9370 4917
Email: arcs@adoptionwa.org.au
Website: www.adoptionwa.org.au

ARCS provide professional counselling, support and information to anyone dealing with the challenges and opportunities in:

  • Adoption
  • Pre-adoption
  • Unplanned Pregnancy
  • Search, Mediation and Reunion
  • Anyone affected by Separation from Family
  • Step and blended families
  • Foster families
  • Families created through Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

Adoption Support for Families & Children Inc (ASFC)

PO Box 122
Subiaco,  Western Australia  6904
Telephone: (08) 9489 4008
Facsimile: (08) 9489 4062
Email: infoasfc@yahoo.com.au

ASFC is a voluntary, non-profit organisation whose membership is made up of prospective adoptive parents (PAPs), adoptive families - both intercountry and local and adult adoptees. ASFC will help you with up-to-date information regarding adoption in Western Australia as well as details of ASFC's activities, upcoming events, overseas aid and child sponsorship programs.

ASFC aims to:

  • Aid, assist and support prospective and post adoptive families in WA.
  • Provide information regarding adoption with approved countries with whom Australia has agreements.
  • Produce a bi-monthly newsletter for members.
  • Promote networking support between our members through a variety of social activities such as playgroups, coffee evenings, picnics, cultural celebrations, etc.
  • Provide educational opportunities for members to discuss and learn about adoption and parenting issues.
  • Liaise and lobby with local, national and overseas adoption organisations.
  • Provide child sponsorship programmes in various overseas countries.
  • Provide aid to overseas children's organisations to help in the relief of poverty.
  • Work for the improvement of WA practices and policies regarding intercountry adoption.

 Adoption Jigsaw of Western Australia (Jigsaw)

Lee Hops Cottage
176 Fitzgerald St
Perth 6000
PO Box 512, North Perth  6906Cottesloe, Western Australia 6011
Telephone: (08) 9328 4000
Facsimile: (08) 9328 4111
Email: jigsaw@jigsaw.org.au

Find them on Facebook at:  https://www.facebook.com/AdoptionJigsaw

Adoption Jigsaw provides search, mediation and counselling services to anyone involved in adoption and/or separated from family through fostering, step-families, or reproductive technologies. They maintain a National Contact Register for anyone separated from family. Jigsaw has conducted over 4,300 reconnections and many thousands of information and/or counselling sessions. Their mediator has over 28 years’ experience in adoption work.

Association Representing Mothers Separated from their Children by Adoption Inc (ARMS)

PO Box 521
Hamilton Hill, Western Australia 6963
Telephone: (08) 9321 1999 or (08) 9332 8945
Facsimile: (08) 9332 8945
Email: idtaslyn@gmail.com
Website: http://www.armswa.org.au/

ARMS provides emotional support to mothers separated from their children by adoption, and educates the public of the lifelong effects of adoption. ARMS meetings are held monthly and work to change adoption laws and practices.

IAC international Adoptee Community

Web: iacaustralia.org
Email: iac.wa1@email.com

IAC has been founded by adoptees who wish to provide friendship, information and support to fellow adoptees that have experienced an inter-country or cross-cultural upbringing through adoption both internationally and locally.

IAC is a medium for adoptees to raise and discuss issues of inter-country and cross-cultural adoption.
IAC is a non-profit group, run by volunteers and supported by its members and the community.
IAC is a platform for adoptees to be able to connect, inform and support each other in a safe and constructive environment.

IAC aims to engage adoptees from all birth origins by empowering them to build relationships and networks to reduce isolation.

IAC seeks to assist in establishing authentic and ongoing connections for young adoptees to nurture and maintain peer support into adulthood.

IAC utilises a broad variety of avenues, resources and media to bring together the adoption community both professionally and socially.

IAC assists in educating, communicating and supporting the broader community and relevant organisations in issues regarding inter-country and cross–cultural adoption through collaborative ventures. 

Adoption Services also has a list of independent counsellors who you may find helpful.
Please contact us at:

Adoption Services

Street address:
5 Newman Court
Fremantle WA 6160

Postal address:
Locked Bag 5000
Fremantle WA 6959

Telephone: 1800 182 178
Fax: (08) 9385 1920
Email: adoptions@communities.wa.gov.au
Website: www.dcp.wa.gov.au

Parenting support can also be provided by calling:

  • The Parenting WA Line
    (08) 6279 1200 or Country free call 1800 654 432
  • Crisis Care (after hours)
    (08) 9223 1111 or Country free call 1800 199 008
  • Ngala Helpline
    (08) 9368 9368 or Country free call 1800 111 546
  • Family Helpline (24 hours) 
    (08) 9223 1100 or Country free call 1800 643 000 
  Become a Foster Carer
You won't always see where they go. But you can help them get there. Become a foster carer. 1800 024 453
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