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 Information for current foster carers

Information for Current foster Carers

Learning and development workshops

The Foster Carer Development workshops are held in the Metro area, and provided to  country areas via video conferencing. The aim of the workshops is to support carers (and staff) to build on their strengths, their areas of interest and to develop knowledge and skills to provide better support for children in care.
Workshop topics are chosen in consultation with the Foster Care Association, carers, and staff, and based on feedback of the current needs. These workshops are presented by professionals in their field, are interactive, and encourage carers (and staff) to actively engage in learning and skill development.
Carers are able to enrol in these workshops using the enrolment form which is distributed annually in January along with a yearly Development Workshop calendar. Upon completion of the course, each participant will receive a certificate of partiicpation.

Flexible learning options for carers

People learn in a variety of different ways. Some prefer to be part of a group in a workshop session while others prefer one on one learning opportunities in their own homes, or by telephone, web, email or videos etc.
The Department is now catering for these different styles of learning by providing  learning materials and opportunities in a range of different modes (click on learning opportunities icon to see what is available).

Foster carer Resources

Support for carers

The Foster Care Association of Western Australia is an important partner in recruiting, training and supporting foster carers in Western Australia.

The Care Team Approach Practice Framework highlights the importance of all members of a child’s care team, including a child’s carer, working together with the child in the centre of their thinking and interactions with each other. Each care team member provides invaluable support and participates in meeting the needs of the child to keep them strong, connected and secure.

Foster Families Charter of Rights

The Foster Families Charter of Rights honours carers (foster, family and significant other carers) and acknowledges the important role of all members of a foster family who contribute to the care of children and young people in out-of-home care.

Leaving Care

Fostering information sheets

Departmental policies and frameworks


  Become a Foster Carer
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