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 Adoption Act Review

Statutory review of the adoption act 1994

Call for written submissions

The Minister for Child Protection is required, under section 146 of the Adoption Act 1994 (the Act), to carry out a review of the Act and to table a report of the Review before each House of Parliament by the end of 2018. The Department of Communities is responsible for assisting the Minister in the administration of the Act and will be carrying out the review on her behalf.

Interested individuals, government and community services agencies and community groups are invited to make a written submission to the Review addressing all or part of the terms of reference or any other aspect of the operation and effectiveness of the Act.

The Review must consider:

  • the implementation and administration of the Act;
  • the extent to which members of the public are aware of the effects of the Act;
  • the effect of the Act on birth parents, adoptees and prospective adoptive parents and the relatives of parties to adoptions; and
  • any other matters which appear to the Minister to be relevant to the operation and effectiveness of the Act.

If you wish to provide your input to the process please note that the closing date for submissions is Friday, 18th May 2018.

Submissions can be made by:

Email (preferred method): adoptionactreview@cpfs.wa.gov.au

Adoption Act Review General Law Unit
Department of Communities
PO Box 6334 EAST PERTH WA 6892

Guidance Notes for Submissions:

Thank you for your interest in providing input to the Adoption Act Review.

Please consider addressing the following points within your submission, so that we can more fully appreciate your position as we undertake the review:

  1. Briefly explain your interest in the area of adoption, and outline your relationship to the Adoption Act – whether that is personal for example as an adoptee, prospective adoptive parent; a professional – for example a social worker or psychologist; a representative of an organisation working in the adoptions area or with an interest in adoptions or as a member of the wider community
  2. Describe how the Act may have affected you, or those people you represent, including a description of the circumstances and whether the situation resulted in a positive or negative experience and why; and what was the outcome.
  3. Outline areas of the Act that you consider are working well and include your reasoning;
  4. Detail areas of the Act you feel may not be working well and what you would like to see done to improve these aspects of the Act;
  5. Any other suggestions for how the Act may be improved and why you feel it is necessary to make the changes.


For further information about the Review and how to make a submission, please direct your enquiries to adoptionactreview@cpfs.wa.gov.au or to phone (08) 9222 2695.

You can find out about the operations of the Department of Communities at www.cpfs.wa.gov.au

Please download your fillable PDF Submission cover sheet.

Access a copy of the Adoption Act 1994.










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