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    The Department produces a range of publications which are available electronically. Only publications listed on the publications order form are available to order in hard copy.

    All publications are available in alternative formats upon request.

    For departmental policies and frameworks, see the Policies and Frameworks page.

    Electronic publications

    Aboriginal Engagement & Coordination
    Aboriginal Employment and Learning Strategy - A4 brochure
    Community Child Protection Worker - DL brochure
    Enhancing the Planning and Delivery of Services to Aboriginal People in WA
    Youth and Family Support Worker - DL brochure 

    Complaints, appeals and review process for adoption services - brochure
    Pregnant and thinking about adoption - A5 booklet

    Adocate for Children in Care
    Advocate for Children in Care brochure
    Advocate for Children in Care poster
    Advocate for Children in Care zip card
    All About Being in Care - A4 booklet
    My Book About Being in Care - A4 booklet

    Best Beginnings
    Best Beginnings for you and your baby - brochure

    Better Care Better Services
    Better Care, Better Services - A4 booklet
    Better Care, Better Services - poster

    Child Protection
    Child development and trauma guide 
    How do I recognise when a child is at risk of abuse and neglect? - 6 page square brochure
    Protecting children - A guide for parents, families and friends - 24 page square booklet
    Keeping Our Kids Safe 4 page square brochure
    What does it mean? - 12 page A5 booklet
    What to do... - A3 poster
    Working together for a better future for at risk children and families ā€“ Information sharing guide - A5 book

    Department for Child Protection flyer - brochure
    People Development Framework 
    Foster Carer Directory Protocols
    Secondary Family Support State Plan 2010-2013 - A4 booklet
    Community Service Organisations Protocols for Standard of Care and Allegations of Abuse in Care for Children in the CEOs Care 2020

    Domestic Violence
    Aboriginal Family Violence - You Can Help - DL brochure, folds out to a poster
    When you hurt your partner you hurt your children - fact sheet
    Has your partner hurt you? - fact sheet
    How do I know if Iā€™m abusive? - fact sheet
    How to deal with domestic violence - fact sheet
    How to deal with domestic violence - 20 page A5 booklet
    WA Family and Domestic Violence - State Strategic Plan: Annual Action Plan - A4 booklet
    WA Strategic Plan for Family and Domestic Violence 2009-2013 - A4 booklet

    Emergency Services
    Disaster and Emergency Support Services - brochure
    Dealing with the effects of a traumatic event - brochure

    Employment of Children laws
    Employment of Children laws - Information Sheet

    Foster Care
    Foster Carer Handbook
    Fostering Fact Sheets - see "Foster Carer Resources" page for senoirs poster
    Promoting fostering in CaLD communities - poster 

    Hardship Utility Grant Scheme (HUGS)
    Hardship Utility Grants Scheme (HUGS) - for Seniors Poster
    Hardship Utility Grant Scheme (HUGS) - A4 poster
    Hardship Utility Grant Scheme (HUGS) - DL Flyer

    Health Care Planning for Children in Care
    Child Health Passport 
    Child Heath Passport - insert pages
    Health care planning for children in care - information sheet for foster carers 

    Human Resources
    Career and Education Pathways - A3 poster double sided
    Careers in Psychology - A4 flyer
    Child Protection Worker - A4 flyer
    Our Children, Your Future ā€“ Career opportunities with the Department for Child Protection and Family Support 
    Residential Care Officer  - A4 flyer

    Parent Support
    Parent Support: Information for parents - brochure
    Parent Support: Information for referrers - A4 reference sheet 

    Signs of Safety
    Signs of Safety - Pre-Birth Meetings FAQ - A5 booklet
    Signs of Safety Meetings - DL brochure
    Signs of Safety - Safety Network Information - DL brochure
    Signs of Safety Pre-hearing Conferences - DL brochure
    Signs of Safety - Disciplines - A2 poster
    Signs of Safety - Three core principles - A2 poster
    Signs of Safety - Film Workbook 2017 - A4 Booklet

    FINWA tips for Parents attending pre-birth meetings - A4

    Mandatory reporting

    Electronic fact sheets and publications are available from the "Resources" page of the Mandatory Reporting website.

    Working With Children

    Sample application forms, accompanying notes and a step-by-step guide to completing the Working With Children (WWC) application form, plus more, can be accessed from the "Publications & Forms" section of the Working With Children website.

    Fact sheets are available from the "Publications & Forms > Factsheets" section of the Working With Children website.

    The Australian Government provides a Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) for people who do not speak English and for English speakers needing to communicate with them. TIS is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call TIS for help with reading information written in English. Phone: 131 450.ā€‹

      Become a Foster Carer
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