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Listed below by location are all the services provided by the not-for-profit community sector and funded by the Department of communities. Services are categorised by district area location.


  • If you are searching for a service in the metropolitan area, please also look at the Metrowide list below as these services are provided across the metropolitan area.
  • If you are searching for a service in the country, please also look at the Statewide list below as these services are provided across the State.

If you are not sure what district your suburb is located in, please click on the maps shown on the side of this page. 

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expand District : Armadale ‎(14)
expand District : Armadale / Cannington ‎(1)
expand District : Cannington ‎(9)
expand District : East Kimberley ‎(14)
expand District : East Pilbara ‎(1)
expand District : Fremantle ‎(17)
expand District : Fremantle / Rockingham ‎(1)
expand District : Goldfields ‎(25)
expand District : Great Southern ‎(21)
expand District : Joondalup ‎(12)
expand District : Metropolitan ‎(68)
expand District : Metropolitan and Peel ‎(1)
expand District : Midland ‎(13)
expand District : Mirrabooka ‎(11)
expand District : Mirrabooka / Joondalup ‎(1)
expand District : Murchison ‎(25)
expand District : Peel ‎(15)
expand District : Perth ‎(20)
expand District : Perth / Midland ‎(1)
expand District : Pilbara ‎(22)
expand District : Rockingham ‎(12)
expand District : South West ‎(24)
expand District : Statewide ‎(9)
expand District : Statewide excluding Peel, Southwest, Rockingham and Great Southern ‎(1)
expand District : West Kimberley ‎(15)
expand District : Wheatbelt ‎(18)

Metropolitan districts and offices 
For detailed maps of metropolitan districts and offices click the image below:

Country districts and offices
For detailed maps of country districts and  offices click the image below:

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